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The Tate Gallery-Interior


For a wonderful experience of inspiring fine art and beautifully crafted, hand-made and unique gifts, visit The Tate Gallery.


Surrounded by tall shade trees and lush gardens this informal and intimate space is one of Northumberland County’s surprising gems. Moments from the 401 and the charming town of Port Hope, it is a beautiful venue that showcases the work of a variety of emerging and established contemporary artists and artisans.


4599 Massey Road, Canton
(moments north of Port Hope) Map


Currently closed for the winter season
(Exhibition hours as announced)


905 753 2187

Water Colour

DSC_3199 (2)Becoming a water colour artist has never been something to which I aspired. Unlike acrylic paint, water colours are unforgiving and therefore, to me, restricting and frightening. Typically, when I stand before a canvas applying acrylic paint and am struck by uncertainty, the voice in my head assures me that, if I don’t like what I do, I can always paint over it. It is very forgiving and therefore very freeing. Not so with water colours. The idea of moving away from the familiar territory of acrylics makes me very nervous. However, a fabulous European trip and art course in Tuscany is on the immediate horizon so, among other things, a tiny water colour set along with a couple of small tablets of the appropriate paper will accompany me. In preparation for this exciting adventure, I have started experimenting with this new and foreign medium so that, once I get there, I won’t be completely over my head. Today’s posting is accompanied by an image of my third foray into the uncertain world of water colour, a 4 ” x 7″ painting of the medieval town of Certaldo Alto where I will be staying for a week of painting, pasta and pleasure. The only hotel in town, where we will be housed, taught and fed was built in the 1300’s (for God”s sake!) and overlooks the expansive, rolling countryside dotted with cyprus trees and olive groves. Ask me how excited I am. Go on…ask me.

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