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Surrounded by tall shade trees and lush gardens this informal and intimate space is one of Northumberland County’s surprising gems. Moments from the 401 and the charming town of Port Hope, it is a beautiful venue that showcases the work of a variety of emerging and established contemporary artists and artisans.


4599 Massey Road, Canton
(moments north of Port Hope) Map


Currently closed for the winter season
(Exhibition hours as announced)


905 753 2187

Tiny Specks

DSC_3347I get a kick out of sky watching and this 24″ x 24″ painting, just finished today, is the result of one of my creative forays into the study of clouds and the atmosphere. It begs the question…what the heck is out there anyway? We truly are but tiny specks in the big scheme of things and I, for one, find that to be enormously liberating.

4 Responses to Tiny Specks

  • I love to see clouds boiling out of the hills like this. Beautiful piece full of oxygen.

  • Hullo.

    I LOVE this sky/clouds painting.

    I haven’t visited your we site for a while. It is great. So nice to navigate, and such lovely art to gaze at!

    • Thanks. I am working on another sky piece which is a bit larger, more roiling and with slightly stronger colours but am stuck on one section so have put it aside for the time being. I’ll get back to it eventually and will put it up on my site at some point. Keep your eyes peeled!

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