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For a wonderful experience of inspiring fine art and beautifully crafted, hand-made and unique gifts, visit The Tate Gallery.


Surrounded by tall shade trees and lush gardens this informal and intimate space is one of Northumberland County’s surprising gems. Moments from the 401 and the charming town of Port Hope, it is a beautiful venue that showcases the work of a variety of emerging and established contemporary artists and artisans.


4599 Massey Road, Canton
(moments north of Port Hope) Map


Currently closed for the winter season
(Exhibition hours as announced)


905 753 2187

Home sweet home.

DSC_3339Making an architectural portrait requires that I paint quite differently than I usually try to do. A different part of my brain is needed, probably a part that is leaning more left than my right leaning tendency that enables me to let the paint fly a bit. Truthfully, it is a nice combination of left and right brain activity but it is challenging and time consuming. Every time someone commissions me to do a painting of their house, it takes me awhile to search out the exact place in my brain from which I must paint. Recently, I was asked to paint a very beautiful home which is surrounded by an equally stunning garden. There’s a magnificent butternut tree (an endangered species) which dominates the landscape in the most regal manner, its arms stretched wide and she needed to hold a place of honour in the painting as much as the house did. One of the challenges was to find a way to adequately represent the gorgeous garden when I was not able to take helpful reference photos as we were long past gardening season. The home owner kindly provided me with a number of pictures from which I could work but I felt somewhat cast adrift and had to imagine what the garden would look like at the height of the green season from the angle I’d chosen for the painting. In any case, the project was a pleasure to do for a number of reasons…the subject matter was beautiful to begin with – no artistic license required, it was a larger format (24” x 36”) than is usually the case for an architectural painting so that was fun, there was no deadline which freed me up to work without pressure and the home owner was a complete joy to work with. Plus…(drum roll)…the owners were delighted with the results. Here’s what it looks like. If you look carefully, you can find the dog lying in the shade of the butternut and the Buddha head nestled in the foliage of a flower garden. Let me know what you think. And let me know if you’d like me to do a painting of YOUR house.

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